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    The Creative Asia Conference

Open to all Student, Amateur and Professional Phortographers
This should be your unmissable event of the year!

The Creative Asia conference is 3 days of inspiration and education. You´ll be inspired by a line-up of world class photographers, at the top of their game. Bringing you information, entertainment and creativity. Creative Asia has something for anyone with a passion for photography.

Over 3 days you will have 8 Keynote addresses, 6 workshops, the Final Judging Round of the Creative Asia Awards, a Live interactive Panel Discussion and The Photography Shootout.

Keynote Presentations

Get inspired. Get motivated. Get Educated. Ever wondered how to take a crazy idea and turn it into an award winning image? Want to know how to get published? Want to know how to stay fresh and ahead of the game? All of these answers and more are on offer within the keynote presentations from our world leading lineup.

Panel Discussions

The Panel discussion gives you insight into issues that effect photographers today. This guided discussion will give you real world experience and opinions by top working photographers from a range of backgrounds and industry segments. Ask questions and get answers on issues that effect you and your business. With 6 - 8 pro's up on the panel this session will offer a wealth of knowledge to conference participants.

The Shootout

The Shootout is major highlight of the conference. We place 3 of our photographers in a pressure situation live in fromt of the conference audience.

The 3 presenters are kept in a green room and then individually brought out to the audience. The Photographer is then told the topic of the shoot. With no preparation the photographer is challenged to think on their feet and come up with a winning shot in only 20 minutes. The Photographer has a selection of gear and models on offer but will be working live and tethered so the audience experiences the insight into their mind.

Each of the Phtographers will be brought out with no knowledge of what the last photographer has done. What an experience! See into the working mind of 3 leading photographers and how their personal styles and experience effect the outcome of the shoot.

This is a not to be missed event as part of the Creative Asia Conference and an amazing learning opporunity. Book you place at the Creative Asia Conference